Tisbury Audio Releases Challenge Amp 1 Headphone Amplifier

Date: 14 May 2014

LONDON, England - 14 May 2014 - Tisbury Audio has today released its flagship headphone amplifier: the Challenge Amp 1. Designed to drive audiophile headphones, it combines class-leading performance with beautiful industrial design at a highly competitive price.

The Challenge Amp 1 is hand made in the UK from American black walnut, aluminium and premium components sourced primarily from UK suppliers. This versatile and powerful amplifier will drive virtually all headphones with exceptionally low noise and distortion. It is available direct from the manufacturer for £349 with free shipping to most countries, a 30 day returns period and three year limited warranty.

The amplifier circuit itself is the result of 18 months of development, testing and listening trials. It combines ultra high performance LME49600 current buffers, precision spec. surface mount parts and a compact 'high speed' board layout that is unusual for a headphone amplifier.

“The name 'Challenge Amp' came from the extremely difficult criteria we set for the design,” says Wes Young of Tisbury. “We wanted something that was beautifully engineered and very high performance but also reasonably priced. With over a year of prototyping and development, I’m confident we’ve completely smashed those goals; hopefully our customers will agree.”

Tisbury are amongst a growing number of audio manufacturers to cut out dealers and sell "factory direct" to consumers over the internet, allowing them to produce build quality and performance far beyond what one might expect at the price point.

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About Tisbury Audio
Founded in 2012 by Wes Young, Tisbury Audio is a small manufacturer of hi-fi equipment based in London, where all their products are made by hand. Tisbury focus on building items of elegant design and exceptional quality, while selling “factory direct” at highly competitive prices.


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