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The Domino is a versatile, high performance phono preamplifier. Selectable gain settings and input loading allow any MM or MC cartridge to be used. Ultra high-spec components along with our laser engraved walnut and aluminium enclosure achieve high-end sound and build quality but without the price tag.

Any Cartridge, Any Amp
Domino has four switchable gain settings: 40, 49, 58 and 67 dB. This allows virtually all cartridge, from high output MM to low output MC, to work with any amp. Particularly handy if you’re also using our Mini Passive Preamp, as you won’t have to worry about system matching.

Passive RIAA Equalisation
RIAA equalisation is achieved with a passive filter located between two separate gain stages. This configuration gives the best of all worlds: low noise, high accuracy, and exceptional sonic performance. 0.1% thin film resistors and 1% polypropylene film capacitors result in an exceptional 0.2 dB RIAA accuracy.

Linear Power Supply with Off Board Transformer
Domino includes an off board 15 V AC transformer (not to be mistaken for a switch mode DC adaptor, it won't work with DC) keeping electrical noise away from the sensitive gain stages. This gives hi-fi grade, linear regulated power rails in a small package, without having to worry about hum or ground loops. Available power supply types: UK-230V, EU-230V, US-115V, AU-230V.

Made in England
Our products are designed, made and tested entirely in house in our Wiltshire workshop for true British quality hi-fi.


Wall of Sound

"The Domino exceeded my expectations, and then some... It's a quiet, balanced and superbly competent performer – and just downright enjoyable to use. For the price, it’s an amazing accomplishment."

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TNT Audio

"The Tisbury Audio Domino is a rare thing, sounding like it was built up to a quality target, not down to a target price. It will outlast turntable, arm and cartridge upgrades."

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Customer Reviews

"By far the best phono I've heard anywhere under 200, and I'd be happy if I'd spent 400. Friends who side by sided it with me have been amazed by what it can do."

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Technical Specifications
Gain setting: 40 dB 49 dB 58 dB 67 dB
Sensitivity for 300 mV out 3.0 mV 1.0 mV 0.38 mV 0.13 mV
THD, 1 kHz at 1 V out <0.001% <0.001% 0.003% 0.004%
Noise, A-weighted -91 dBV -88 dBV -74 dBV -70 dBV
Crosstalk at 1 kHz -103 dB -97 dB -77 dB -76 dB
Overload margin at 300 mV out 30 dB 30 dB 30 dB 28 dB
RIAA accuracy ±0.2 dB, 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Input capacitance 180 pF
Input impedance Selectable 100 Ohms (MC) or 47 kOhms (MM)
Output impedance 82 Ohms
Maximum output voltage 9 V RMS
Enclosure Laser engraved American black walnut and aluminium
Size D x W x H 139mm x 105mm x 60mm
Shipping weight: 1.1kg, 22cm x 21cm x 13cm
Power supply 15 V AC 500 mA adaptor (included). Do NOT use with DC adapters.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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2 Year Warranty

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Domino Phono Preamp User Manual [PDF 84 KB]
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